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CheckForPlag : A Unique"Make in India" Initiative to curb Plagiarism Globally

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A solution to enhance the quality of research

Wider Coverage Enhance Content

Expanding the scope improves the overall quality and depth of the content, providing a more comprehensive understanding.


Enhance Security Uploads Encrypted

Encrypted uploads enhance security, safeguarding data from unauthorized access and ensuring privacy and confidentiality.


Cost Effective Affordable Solution

A cost-effective and affordable solution provides optimal value while meeting the desired requirements within budgetary constraints.


Robust Technology Real-time Crawlers

Robust technology and real-time crawlers ensure efficient data retrieval and processing for enhanced performance and accuracy.


Multilingual Support

ensures that users can conduct plagiarism checks in their preferred language, accommodating diverse linguistic backgrounds and promoting inclusivity.


Customised Solution To meet Expection

Our customized solution is designed to meet your expectations precisely, providing tailored features and functionalities for optimal satisfaction.


Multiple File Format Majority formats accepted

Our system supports a wide range of file formats, accepting the majority of formats commonly used for maximum compatibility.


User Friendly Happy Customer

Our user-friendly interface and exceptional customer service ensure a delightful experience, resulting in happy and satisfied customers.

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CheckForPlag is also available in 23 regional languages like Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu and many more

By expanding language support to include regional languages, CheckForPlag demonstrates its commitment to inclusivity, accessibility, and promoting originality in academic and educational contexts.

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CFP stays up-to-date with the evolving landscape of plagiarism ensures that users receive detailed reports, empowering them to enhance the quality of their research work effectively. Working with CheckForPlag offers accurate plagiarism detection, user-friendly interface, quick results, comprehensive reports, multilingual support, enhanced research quality, and cost-effectiveness.

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    Quick Turnaround Time
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    24 x 7 Customer Support
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    Easy-to-Use Interface
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    Comprehensive Reports

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A versatile plagiarism detection software for all stakeholders to benefit from its comprehensive features

Implementing a comprehensive plagiarism prevention and content authentication system benefits all stakeholders by protecting intellectual property, promoting academic integrity, enhancing research quality, facilitating fair evaluation, and maintaining credibility. By utilizing such a system, publishers/societies, institutions, researchers/students, and corporations can actively contribute to a culture of originality, integrity, and quality in their respective domains.

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    A plagiarism prevention system helps to safeguard published works from unauthorized copying, preserving the integrity of their content and ensure originality. Read More...

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    CFP foster a culture of academic integrity within institutions, encouraging students to produce original work and discouraging plagiarism.  Read More...

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    CFP help researchers/students produce original work, promoting innovation, contributing to knowledge by learning proper citation practices and avoiding unintentional plagiarism.  Read More...

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    CFP assist in safeguarding their proprietary content, training materials, research reports from unauthorized use and maintain their reputation, credibility among stakeholders. Read More...

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Read Blogs, avoid Plagiarism and Infringement

CFP-Plagiarism Checker

Technology has blessed the world with a miracle as well curse too. In the world when the curses like plagiarism are increasing day by day, on the other hand, technology has blessed the world with a plagiarism checker.

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About Us

CheckForPlag(CFP) is a response to the powerful, galvanizing call to action by Honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi to India’s citizens and business leaders to MAKE IN INDIA initiative

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Checkforplag aims to support users in maintaining originality, ensuring academic integrity, avoid Copyright Infringement and producing high-quality content by offering a range of tools, resources, and services related to plagiarism detection and prevention.

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